Its only words

July 8, 2009

You’ve heard these a million times. At seminars, in advertisements, from corporate types to environment gurus and basically everyone trying to cover their nether regions with a green fig leaf. What do they mean? Who knows. Cause they have been used and abused for so long that nobody really knows what they mean anymore. But if you ain’t using em, you ain’t in the know.¬† They do have a plethora of uses these non-phrases. They make any project look good on paper, justify any NGO-corporate collaboration, tick boxes of donor institutions, make conferences appear less like reunions, create new job titles, help consultants pay the mortgage and in general make morons appear less like morons.

Synergy approaches

Interdisciplinary focus

Sustainable development paradigms

Inclusive decision-making

Participatory processes

Promote transparency

Climate resilience

Intangible ecosystem services

Road to Copenhagen

Common but differentiated responsibility

Best practice

Managing ecosystems

Natural resource management

Strategic interventions

Sustainable future

Ecosystem integrity

Key indicators

Governance mechanisms

Enhance sequestration

Socially equitable

Equitable sharing of benefits

Cutting edge conservation

Development imperatives

Emerging issues

Global South

Energy poverty

Livelihood security

Decentralized decision-making processes

Stakeholder dialogue

Mainstreaming the environment

Monitoring and reporting cycles

Intrinsic value of nature

Drivers of change

Adaptive management

Humanity is inextricably linked

Underpinning human well-being

Building a broader constituency

Maintain landscape connectivity