Mind your manners

May 12, 2011

Inconsiderate. The guy who jumps the queue as if you were invisible, the neighbour who is in DIY mode when you want a quiet Sunday, the woman who leaves her dog’s turds for you to behold on your morning jog…and the list goes on and on. There seems to be legions of inconsiderate people waiting to spoil your day and push you over the edge. It is a good day just when you manage to not bump into one of these mood killers.

Where do these morons come from ? Mollycoddling parents who want to be your friend, urbanisation with superabundance of strangers, dependence on laws and police to deal with bad behaviour, digital substitution of personal contact and who knows what else ?

On a larger scale there is massive state and private machinery making sure that this inconsiderate and selfish behaviour is ingrained in our psyche. Industry tells you it is OK to consume more than you fair share of resources even if it means that 50 million people are displaced by dams. Companies convince you that people are incapable of managing their natural resources and privatisation is the answer to all ills. The Government lulls you into thinking that environment regulations are robust and there is no need to worry about that mining giant clearing forests and displacing poor with impunity.

The result is that decisions that affect a small village in India are made in New Delhi and Washington. Environment regulations are watered down to promote a better investment climate. Land grabs and displacement are carried out in the name of national interest and job creation. Apathy feeds selfishness which in turn creates a tolerance on inconsiderate behaviour.

Who’s going to stand up to that rude young man if granny (who has always been a stickler for good manners) has been bundled off to a government-approved and privately-run old age home ?


One Response to “Mind your manners”

  1. dr kc sekhar said

    So very true! Here blaring music late into the night, someone leaving the lift door open, and indiscriminate parking brings up the bile. The other day, some guy parks his bike across the building entrance gate. When I protest, he has the audacity to state that he is a cop!

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