The Top 10 Wildlife Wish List

August 3, 2009

Animals use tools. We know that now. Chimps make special sticks to gather termites, Caledonian Crows use leaf strips to catch insects and most recently Spider Monkeys have been known to improvise medicinal back scratchers for those ‘oh-so-hard-to-reach’ spots. Aaah…But what would they do if they could aspire to ‘higher’ things? (No offence to back scratching monkeys)

1. A Swiss Army Knife to get rid of those annoying radio-tags that pesky researchers keep thrusting on them.

2. A tranquiliser dart gun to outshoot the above mentioned pesky researchers and stop them from taking vials of blood and feeling them up under anesthesia.

3. A bank account to collect the payment for ecosystem services and bio-prospecting.

4. A seat on the climate change meeting in Copenhagen in December to talk about ecosystem based adaptation and forest carbon credits.

5. A possible ban on illegal detainment without charge in zoos, circuses and labs.

6. A Wildlife Trade Organisation (WTO) that will regulate the trade in humans and their parts.

7. A Coal Plant/Mine/Big Dam Non Proliferation Treaty.

8. Hybrid cars powered by humans pedalling furiously.

9. Human lard fat as a replacement for Palm oil.

10. An International Animal Court  to prosecute perpetrators of species’cide’ and biodiversity cleansing.

One Response to “The Top 10 Wildlife Wish List”

  1. sekhar said

    It is amazing how mammals with superior brains get outwitted and decimated by man whereas the insect world seems to have evaded man’s destructive capabilities and thrived.Any lessons to be learnt here?

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